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In this new digital age of internet and social media, you don’t need the middleman to create the type of TV Shows, Documentaries, Videos, or Digital Content you need for your brand. All you need is the resources and a team to create. Lucky for you 4 Degrees Media is both that team & resource.

Expert Team

We are influencers and creatives just like you. We all bring a unique perspective, expertise, and skill-set that helps our clients succeed.

Perfect Design

Our team of Marketers are experts in creating brands that are professional, clean, and lasting. Allow our team to create a brand image that fits your business.

Superior Ideas

We have advised over 100+ content creators, brands, and influencers. With our team you will have access to some of the greatest minds in digital marketing.

Helping Influencers & Brands Tell Their Story

We have the unique ability to take your idea or concept, and bring it to life. We also construct the revenue stream, content structure, social media advertising, sponsorship, and live event creation.
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Here’s a list of some of the services we provide to our current clients.

Influencer Marketing

Your brand is only as good as the people that share experience it. Those experiences turn into testimonials, and testimonials into more awareness of your brand. We curate the best influencers for your brand and work as a team to create content that reaches their audience.

Strategy & Consultation

This digital world can be challenging to navigate, especially with the landscape changing everyday. ``Do I need a Website, Social Media, Video, or a Podcast?!?!``. Let's make it all make sense. We LISTEN, clarify your GOAL, and provide STRATEGY to help you in this area.

Creative Content

Content is King...WRONG! Relevant content is KING. There is strategy that goes into creating good, engaging, relevant photos and videos that reach your ideal audience. We help create content that makes sense for your business goals and your campaign calendar.

Creating ideas and brands that truly matter

You have great ideas, and we have a great track record of executing. If you’re serious about telling your story and growing your brand, we are are here to assists. Check out our video reel.

Talk less, Create More

Instead of talking about what we do, we’d rather show you how we make an impact with our clients, and how we make it valuable to the brands that partner with them.


Satissfied Clients


Creative Projects


Satissfied Clients


Creative Projects